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Step-Up Your Leadership Potential

Want Your Next-in-Line To Take More Ownership?

You are a senior leader and have a great team, you also get projects executed well with your team, but to rise to next level, have more quality time for higher level strategic interventions and your work-life balance, your team needs to start being more independent. They seem to somehow not get it and you're not sure what is missing!

    ...And if you're thinking that they need better

    training for this, it's NOT COMPLETELY TRUE.

  Want to learn the fastest way to bring a    

  transformation in your team?

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  • You feel uneasy and uncertain while delegating and believe that in order to get something done well, you need to do it yourself.


  • Even if you manage to delegate work to your teams, you expect them to deliver the most perfect results which is not always possible, especially in the beginning.


  • While you want them to execute the tasks well, you may not always have assigned the task to them with a clear vision and the overarching goals.


  • Although you may have many people who have time, it's not clear who could be the exact person that can deliver the end results as you want.


  • You find it challenging to know when to be hands-on or hands-off with your team members after delegating.


  • As you may be focused on achieving higher productivity from your team, they may be less interested and motivated for taking on tough tasks.

Delegation That Matters Program

Learn to delegate effectively and become an exceptional leader that not just has a high performing team, but the team loves and respects you as their leader and gets you the time freedom you always wanted in the next 90 Days!

This course includes:

  • 12 Hours of Live Group & 6 hours of Live 1:1 Sessions

  •  Weekly Assignments

  • Session Recordings

  • Certificate of Completion

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    Why Is Delegation Difficult?

    It's not just about shifting things to your subordinates, its more than that. It is about letting go, finding the right talent for the job, training them, giving them space to work, learning to be a coach to them, learning to give feedback the right way so they find it motivating to do your tasks on a day to day basis, while feeling empowered and growing professionally, and finally without you. Phew! That's quite a bit, right?

    There are many fears that surround you to bring in new skills while creating a completely new culture in your team and we understand that. 

    Wherever you are, the difference is that, we don't just teach you these skills, we work with you hand-in-hand in this program, till you are able to start moving forward with confidence in this new environment.

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    Step towards Leadership Excellence by learning to delegate effectively

    A successful leader is not someone who learns to do every task perfectly, but empowers their teams to grow, learn, and do their very best work. Learning this very important skill can give your career a huge boost and personal freedom!

  • Join a community of leaders to network with, learn with and stay accountable.

  • Get access to best personalized coaching by an ICF certified Executive Leadership Coach.

  • Achieve real-time results with your team, be a catalyst in changing their lives and yours forever!

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    Trusted Advisor & Leadership Coaching Partner For Global Leaders since 2005

    Some of the organizations we've worked with to support their leadership development initiatives for mid to senior leaders.

     Sindhuja Rai, Founder & CEO at Mpower

    About Your Coach

    Sindhuja is one of the leading Executive Coaches in India and a specialist in the area of people performance with 30+ years of experience. She is a sought after trainer, facilitator and coach by many organizations and their C-Level executives for leadership and cultural transformation projects. 

    She brings with her 13 years of corporate experience spanning Hospitality, Real Estate, Travel, IT, ITeS, BPO, Media, and e-Publishing industries, and 19 years of entrepreneurial experience in Training, Coaching, and Business Consulting with close to 60+ organizations in the US, UK, South Africa, & SEA.

    A versatile and broad spectrum of credentials, she is an ICF credentialed PCC Coach, a Master Coach from Academy for Coaches, UK, a Hogan Certified Coach plus Assessor, a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (Seal of Excellence) from Benchmark 6ix Sigma and a Spiritual Teacher and Facilitator.

    She has mentored and coached over 1000 leaders across industries and domains in the past 2 decades in manufacturing, education, hospitality, consulting, retail, banking, insurance, and BPO industries.

    Her flagship program – “Become The Leader Your Team Can Die For in 90 days” has created true professional and personal transformations for many senior leaders and businesses across the world. To know more, please visit - 


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    We like to keep things simple for you so you can focus on real-tangible results for yourself, your teams and your organization. 

    Following these three steps right from the beginning till the end of our program keeps you on track, aware of your progress and accountable for the end-result you want to achieve.

    When You Complete This Program...

    ...You'll gain the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to confidently delegate to your team, achieve meaningful results and personal transformation.

  • A Team That Works On Auto-Mode & Is Self-Motivated

  • Your team will execute all their delegated tasks with confidence and deliver the outcomes as required even while you are not there and be inspired to show-up everyday excited to work.

  • Higher Productivity and Performance 

  • You will start seeing the difference this change is bringing in to your team's productivity and performance within a few weeks. The team will also be more innovative and responsible to drive better results. 

  • More Free Time

  • Now you have the time you always wanted to step-up your leadership and focus on strategic interventions to take the business to the next level. Also you now become a wholistic leader with time at your disposal to pursue your personal goals and aspirations, circling back this positive energy into your current and future roles. 


    Our unique and step-by-step method has transformed the lives over 1000+ leaders globally 


    We've been in the business of training, coaching and consulting with leaders since 2005.


    We believe no one size fits all. Each of the participants on this program get to have personalized coaching for their individual needs.


    We are available on WhatsApp for any queries you may have at any time of the day. Of course, we can respond to them on our working hours. 

    Raving Reviews

    Here's what other participants are raving about the program

    "My skills grew fast..."

    "It is difficult to quantify how much time, money, and energy can be wasted if intent and execution are not explicitly defined. I am very happy with the interactions and coaching I have received from her."

    Joquin Melara, Chief Operations Officer, The Knowledge Graph Conference, New York, U.S.A

    "Identified and simplified key aspects of my personality..."

    I was able to identify and simplify key aspects of my personality and she helped me incorporate some empowering routines and accountable systems to sustain the changes."

    Sandeep Kumar, HR Head, Udaan, Bangalore, India 

    "Highly structured and transformational program..."

    We managed to create better harmony with my team and drive higher performance from them while not burning out. 

    Mahesh Thakur, Manager - Tech, Multiplier, New Delhi, India

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